Dental health in the workplace

Reduces absenteeism and loss of time related to dental care needs Lack of prevention generates higher health expenses for workers, their families and the company.

Contributes to corporate social responsibility

Generating social development opportunities in its areas of influence with vulnerable people.

Dental clinics in the workplace

At Novulis we have innovative service models that adapt to your company's dentalhealth and preventionneeds.

Mobile Dental Units and Portable Dental Chairs

Regardless of the infrastructure, space or distance from your company, our dental offices come to you. Equipped with high technology, they allow your employee to feel comfortable, safe and with access to quality dental health.

Fixed Dental Clinics

Transform your workplace into a space free of cavities and full of healthy smiles. Your employees can have the possibility of having a permanent dental office.

Solidarity Dental Clinic of High Range

Your employees and their families will also have access to the first high-end solidarity dental clinic in the Americas, where they have access to specialty dental services at preferential prices.

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Benefits for your company

Dental care at your company headquarters 

Payroll deduction payment agreement

Dental and preventive health education workshops

Premium quality inputs

1 year warranty on procedures

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