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What is a B Company?

B Corporations are companies that seek to be better for the world and change it.

To become a Certified B Company, certain humanitarian, environmental and labor requirements must be met, and most importantly, the company must be focused on one or more SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to improve the planet. In this case, companies must be personally, institutionally and legally committed to make a change and continuously improve.

We are part of system B

Since October 2019 we belong to the B Corporations community and we know that we can always give more, that is why we are always improving and giving more to society and planet.

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Why is Novulis a B Company?

We are a company with impact and we want to show what we do to the world and with the B certification we can do it. Our greatest impact goes to our clients, since our focus is to close the gap to dental health in rural and peri-urban areas for people with limited resources. Likewise, we are committed to continuous improvement to place impact at the center of our business model and to grow along with the parameters established by B Corp.

B Corp in Ecuador

We are a community of more than 5000 certified companies in the world. And in Ecuador a growing community.

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Call your insurance company and schedule your appointment at Novulis

Call your insurance company and schedule your appointment at Novulis