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Dr Priscila Contero
Dr Priscila Contero


What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics focuses on improving the bite, aligning the teeth correctly. If there are spaces between teeth or if one tooth protrudes more than another, orthodontic treatment is necessary. It is important to remember that orthodontic treatment not only straightens teeth, but also helps create healthy smiles with less chance of developing long-term damage.

Types of orthodontics

There are several types of orthodontics to suit your needs and each varies in technique and material.

Invisible Orthodontics

It is the most innovative type of orthodontics, since it is free of brackets. It is performed with an initial computerized scanner, where it determines the time of use and the amount of acetates with the shape of the teeth and each one gradually aligns the teeth. This is an ideal treatment if you do not want braces on your teeth.

Aesthetic Orthodontics

It works the same as conventional metallic orthodontics, but it stands out because white ceramic brackets are used with elastics of any color. Being ceramic, it mimics the color of the tooth, being as inconspicuous as possible.

Lingual Orthodontics

If you are looking for a suitable option to disguise metal braces, this treatment is perfect for you. Lingual orthodontics is placed behind the teeth, so it is not noticeable when smiling or talking.

Self-Ligating Orthodontics

This type of orthodontics is characterized by not using rubber bands or elastics on the brackets. Self-ligating orthodontics works with a system of gates that fixes the archwire in the bracket.

It is an ideal option to maintain good oral hygiene and finish the treatment faster. There are two types of self-ligating orthodontics, metallic and esthetic. 

Conventional Metal Orthodontics 

The most used orthodontics! It is the most basic in orthodontics and the most common today. It is the least expensive, but not very esthetic. In addition, it uses rubber bands of any color on the brackets, to generate strength in the teeth for up to 15 days after each control.

How long does orthodontic treatment last?

The time of use is from 8 to 24 months with monthly check-ups and it all depends on the dental anomaly presented by the patient and the technique used by the orthodontist.


Frequently Asked Questions

The duration can be between 8 to 24 months.

All types of food as long as everything is chopped and towards the molars. Avoid tearing foods such as apples or meats.

There are brushes specifically for orthodontics such as interdental brushes that help remove food debris. It is very important that you go every 3 months to perform a deep dental cleaning to avoid accumulation of dental calculus in your braces.

It is recommended to go to the dentist as soon as possible to continue with the activation of all the brackets and not to waste time.

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