Dental Treatments

We cover all dental specialties for all ages!


Recover your lost teeth with European and American titanium implants.


Correct your teeth and bite. We have metal brackets, aesthetic brackets, even Invisalign.

Maxillofacial Surgery

We correct defects in your jaw and bite with the best specialists in surgery.

Dental Aesthetics

With us you will smile again, get the smile of your dreams with our treatments.

Pediatric Dentistry

Your little one needs good dental health while having fun with the dentist.

Oral Rehabilitation

Recover your smile with dentures and don't be afraid to smile.

General Dentistry

Take care and avoid diseases in your teeth, show a healthy and bright smile.


We have the best technology and specialists to save your infected tooth. 

Oral Surgery

We have all the surgical procedures of gums and teeth, with the best specialists and dentists.


We do a 360° analysis of your dental health to prevent serious diseases in your teeth. Prevention is key to your health.


Correct your child's palate, bite and teeth with non-invasive braces. 


We care for and restore your gums, with treatments that prevent future and current infections that can cause serious diseases.

Digital Dental Radiology

We have the highest Italian technology in digital, panoramic and periapical radiographies.

3D tomography

We have the highest quality in 3D tomography, with our Hyperion X5 tomograph, which performs the clearest images in the market. .

dental tourism Solidarity

We serve patients from other countries with competitive prices and the best technology. We have translators who explain the whole procedure in English and facilities to pay for treatments from abroad.

Our Team

We are proud to have professionals who are experts in their field and of a high human level. They represent the change of paradigms in dental health and the world.

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