Oral Rehabilitation

Recover your teeth, and wear a beautiful smile. We have the best dentures, implants and dental crowns that will help you recover the function and aesthetics of your teeth.

Dr Andrea Granja
Dr Andrea Granja

Oral Rehabilitation Specialist

What is Oral Rehabilitation?

It is responsible for the restoration of teeth. It restores aesthetic function and oral harmony by means of dental prosthesis or crowns. There are different types of prosthesis, ranging from a single tooth, to a complete prosthesis above and below. This is a more economical type of alternative treatment that replaces dental implants, but it has its limitations and its duration depends on the patient's care.

Types of treatments

There are several types of treatments among them are:

Fixed prostheses

They are an appliance made to fit the mouth. It consists of one or several dental pieces that are placed to replace the loss of teeth. This prosthesis cannot be removed since it is anchored with dental implants to the jawbone or glued to teeth. 

Removable partial dentures

They are a structure that can be removed from the mouth, this prosthesis replaces one or more teeth. The disadvantage of this prosthesis is that since it is removable, the patient can lose or damage it when removing it and not leave it properly stored.

Prosthesis on implants: It is a prosthesis that goes over the previous placement of dental implants, this prosthesis replaces one or more teeth, depending on the case. This prosthesis goes from a crown + implant, to fixed prosthesis in which it replaces all the teeth. For this we have:

Total prosthesis

The total prosthesis is a removable structure in charge of the replacement for the total loss of teeth, either upper or lower. This prosthesis can be fixed or removable, it all depends on the patient's choice.

Dental crowns and implant-supported crowns

 Dental crowns are placed over a tooth or dental implant, which is a false tooth made of different materials that replaces the lost or damaged tooth, giving the function of a normal tooth. 


Dental veneers are thin pieces of Dental Resin, Ceromer, Porcelain or Zirconium, which cover the tooth to achieve an aesthetic result. This is more useful for damage that was generated by blows or smile designs. 


Oral rehabilitation restores masticatory, esthetic and harmonic functions of the teeth, changing the patient's life and improving self-esteem. It also contributes to health and basic functions such as eating and speaking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental prostheses are artificial teeth and gums made of different materials, which are used to partially or totally recover one or more missing teeth.

Yes, to oxygenate and rest the tissues that support the prosthesis.

Yes, because due to their structures, food debris can accumulate and bacteria proliferate that can seriously affect the tissues in the mouth. 

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